Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Break at Breck

Sorry I have not posted recently!
Fortunately for our family we were blessed with the return of Doug's Mom and Dad- Bill and Coy Ann Tilton! They have been serving a mission for the last 2 years in Uruguay. They arrived home to many smiling faces on Saturday, August 9th at 10:24 in Colorado Springs. What a great feeling to see them step around the corner of the walkway! I am not quite sure what I was expecting but two hours before they arrived it seemed like forever since we had seen them- As soon as we laid our eyes on them it seemed like yesterday. What an amazing feeling. I love the feeling of family- Of knowing you are near love. When I was able to hug Coy Ann with a 'welcome home' it felt so good knowing that they were home- that they were safe- that they made such an incredible decision to go and serve a mission and they returned with honor. I became a smidge choked up upon their arrival yet quickly got my game face back on. My thoughts turned to curiosity- Wonderment if they were sad to be back home. I have never served a mission but I know how much I love to serve others. I can only imagine how their hearts have been filled these last two years. Many people are going to miss them in Uruguay- I just hope they feel and know how much they are loved here also- Everyone that knows them knows of their good works and charity - they know of their sacrifices for others. I guess in short- cutting out my babble- I am so proud to be a part of this family. I walk among giants.
We have been anxiously anticipating their return - It was better than imagined/anticipated.
Doug(+6) has 3 brothers, David(+6), Greg(+3), Ben, and also one sister, Terri(+4). Each sibling was represented by their entire family- minus one, Alex, from Dave and Robins crew-unfortunately Alex couldn't get away from work and commitments in LA.
Our Tilton Family Reunion was in Breckenridge, Colorado at the Little Mountain Lodge. Bill and Coy Ann set the entire crew up in this amazing little mansion. The Little Mountain Lodge is a Bed and Breakfast but Bill and Coy Ann rented it out in its entirety for the week. AMAZING! 12 Bedrooms, 3 of them Suites, Doug and I were lucky enough to score a suite with a fireplace - the whole 9 yards. Sweet Suite. I don't think we could have asked for a better place for 26 family members to hang out together. My sister in law Megan coordinated food with the caterers up here and also set up all the fixins for anything and everything else you could imagine. I am sure more stress than I will even imagine. Kudos to her. Phew for me!
All the cousins were so excited to be together. It was such a blast catching up with the everyone. There was golfing, swimming, a Scavenger Hunt through Downtown Breckenridge, Horseback riding, Rock wall climbing, Jeopardy, a Birthday Party, BBQ, An Easter Egg hunt, Shopping, Photography and so many fun memories shared. Although I know we all had a ton of fun I am more excited to see how Bill and Coy Ann recoup after the reunion. I think it aged them. They left within 2 hours of landing for a week family reunion with 26 totally different personalities in one home after being away from home in a foreign country for 2 years... Hmm I think they are WAY overdue a break from Everyone and Everything. I am eager to hear how they spend their first month back to life as we know it.
I will post more ASAP. Here are some pics that I snapped while on break in Breck.