Thursday, March 11, 2010

Epic fun

Today I sat down.
I am 37 years old! I really don't feel it and I am absolutely sure I don't look it. Even harder to believe is the fact that our baby, Hunter, is turning 16 this month!
Hunter is an amazing daughter. I have soo much fun with her. I have great respect for her and her choices. Wise little grasshopper she is. I fear my little partner in fun is getting to that age when it is no longer 'accepted' to want to go shopping with your mom rather than your friends every now and then. Although I know my fashion sense is far superior to any of her buddies, I must accept this new phase in life and embrace watching her tackle the many things that life will throw her way. Lately the after school questions are met with very short answers more so than the conversations I am accustomed to. When I am taking her and her buddies places I am now merely a fly on the wall. That is fine, I will take what I can get.
For those of you who don't 'know' my Hunter let me tell you about her.
She is perfect.
She is an athlete. She is a leader, from the time she was 3 she has been a Pied Piper of people. People want to be near her. She is a scholar. She is a perfectionist. She is very intuitive. She is caring and kind. She is a protector when she feels as if ,she, her friends or her family are being mistreated or disrespected. She believes in treating adults with respect and courtesy. She is incredibly artistic. She is driven and ambitious. She is an overachiever. She believes in winning or getting the highest possible mark- Just finishing a project isn't enough for her- She will have the best project. She is the best big sister a brother or sister could ask for- She does her sisters nails and hair, she reads to all her siblings as much as possible. Her smile lights up the room. Her giggle will make you laugh. Her smiling, crystal, blue eyes draw you in with their beauty. She makes her family and friends feel loved and important. She is Love.
Like many Sophomores in H.S., Hunter is getting letters from schools across the country. Invitations to visit the campus this summer. She is trying to envision where she wants to be and choose which path she will take for her Major. She knows she will be successful at whatever she chooses to pursue. I am heartbroken knowing my baby will be leaving the nest in 2 years. But I cannot wait to watch her soar.
Thankfully she asked to go on a trip with me for her 16th birthday. I am so excited. She is equally excited. A European Adventure (I choose not to call it European Vacation due to the horrors that happened to the Griswolds...dont act like you don't know what movie I am talking about, Classic) awaits us this summer. Having lived in Belgium we were able to travel to many countries and loved taking a breath of the different cultures. Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to visit Italy. So Italy and a few other countries are on our itinerary. O the memories we will make- the pebbles we will take.
I sit down. Reflect. I am so amazed. My beautiful husband was more than encouraging about our adventure. All that he provides. His Love. I look and listen to the world around me. I am humbled and filled with gratitude. I pray my choices in life are compassionate and Christ like. I want to give as I have been given.
I am soo excited for this new chapter in the big ole book of life. The stories we will have to tell of our adventures.
Next month is Rachies Birthday, May is Jordies and Hayden's, October is Cole's...I look forward to many adventures with each of our babies and my hot babe of a husband. Wish us luck! For all of you who have visited Italy... pointers, tips any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!