Monday, July 28, 2008

96 degrees in the shade

Another July Day in Texas- Another 107 degree day!

At 8 in the evening it was still 101! The craziest part of this is the fact that it didn't seem that hot to me. We have learned how to acclimate I guess.
Baseball and Soccer resumed this week . We have seen children have to leave the field - vomitting and heat exhaustion.
Cole and Rachel are attending a Golf and Tennis camp here at Berry Creek this week. It begins at 8:30 and ends at 2pm. They are spent by the time it is over. 7pm bedtime!
Hunter started on a new soccer team this week. Georgetown United. She went to practice tonight. Her head coach used to play keep for Mexico. He seems as if he is a great coach. The last couple of months teams have been calling, emailing, and asking for Hunter to come and check them out. We didn't know what to expect. When Hunter got to United's practice tonight she was the only player that wasn't Hispanic. The coach , in Spanish, told the team to play nice and turn it down a couple of notches so they wouldn't scare her off. It was 105 degrees when they started! Hunters ivory complexion rapidly turned beet red! Thankfully all went well. She decided to stick with G United. We think she will learn a lot from these players and coaches. She is very driven and has been looking for a team that takes soccer seriously. I guess you have to be careful what you wish for! They take it really seriously!
Cole started his Baseball last week. It is a new team with some fresh out of college coaches. There were better teams that wanted him but they were not forgiving about letting us observe the Sabbath on Sunday. They eat breathe and sleep Baseball. Cole would love to do that but He doesn't take his Priesthood responsibilities lightly. He is such a sweetie!
Rachie got new Golf Clubs tonight- So excited for camp! She is also anxious to get her tennis game shaped up so she can play with the big kids. She wants to be a pro at tennis by the end of the week so she can impress Grandma and Grandpa Tilton at our upcoming family reunion. These are her first tennis lessons ever. I guess we will cross our fingers and toes for her.
Hunter, Cole, and Rachie also started Guitar lessons last week. Because Cole plays the cello and Hunter plays the violin it has been easy for them to pick up. They purchased guitars with Grandma and Grandpa Tiltons Christmas money last year. They had their first lesson last Thursday. They each can already play every song in the book. They cannot wait for their next lesson. What can I say, My kids rock way too hard ;)
Jordie is loving swimming every day. She is deeply saddened her 'best friend Trinity' (we hear that phrase at LEAST once a day) is moving to Arizona. She is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Arizona isn't right down the street and it won't be that easy to visit.
Hayden is walking everywhere now. The child is fearless. He reminds me of ET waddling around everywhere- those stubby, short, legs and that thick torso- Too cute. He is kissable!
My camera is charged and ready. I will get pics of camps and practices!

Loving Texas

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edited Smoke and Mirrors

Last night I got to talking with a mom about blogging. This particular conversation has come up a few times before in reference to blogging. There are as many haters out there as fellow bloggers! I immediately get defensive
Their problem with blogging is they believe we have selective recollection. The lack of reality in the pictures of so many Very Brady/ Cleveresque families. Women wearing pearls while baking kids with schedules and rules that they follow without being asked... They are calling BS on all blogs I guess.
I tried to explain that I do not spew sunshine on all the world and paint a portrait of our family as to illustrate our family as untouchable or perfect. I just try to recount the week or day for friends and family.
Unfortunately, looking back I guess I have pulled the wool over all eyes peeking at our blog. I am a fraud. We are not perfect. I have yet to mention more than a handful of my misgivings. Yes, it is true we do have some.
I will now divulge a few things you probably didn't know about our workings here in the Tilton household. (only me- I wont embarrass anyone else.)
Hmm, where do I start.
-I, Tiffany Tilton, cuss at drivers when I am driving and far too often in my head. If anyone were ever a mind reader... Lets just pray they don't drive near me.
-In the summer time I occasionally wait until well after the chores and cleaning et. are done before I shower. I then shew the children away and allow them to do whatever they want while Hayden has his nap so I can indulge in a good book. I wait for Doug's call that he is on his way home before I hurry to straighten and put my make-up and pearls on.
-Smoke and mirrors baby.
-I spend too much money.
-I am rude to telemarketers.
-My closet is a holy pit of horrors.
It is the abyss of our home. Anything lost you can most likely find after a month in my closet. I don't even let the cleaning ladies go in there.
-I am a Diet Coke (silver can- yeah that's right the hard stuff) addict. Love it.
-I loathe cell phones. I really don't like hearing others peoples loud, pompous, one sided conversations in restaurants, stores et.!
-I am a hypocrite. I insist on everyone else giving me a game plan- but I actually like to fly by the seat of my pants.
-I don't exercise nearly enough- I have yet to commit to conquer the extra baby weight (he just turned 1!) packed on during and after Hayden. I guess you could say I took a year off. It has been great fun-but reality is telling me it's go time.

There you have it.
I am far from perfect and I know it. Although I do try to always do my best and am working on my many flaws- As with most bloggers I try to post as many of the fun things/happenings in our life that I can. Do we really always want to relive ick? Complaining doesn't make for fun journaling/blogging- So I guess that is why I am selective about what I blog- After writing the fore mentioned ick you probably see what I am saying to all the haters out there. Yawn! Who cares about those misgivings!
I vow to never divulge so much ick again!
Confession session over.
Back to the good stuff.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

You are My Sunshine

Reading other peoples blogs humbles me. I am constantly amazed at all the fun and exciting things people are doing with their families, homes, and lives. And the even more amazing fact that they always have their camera with them. Note to self- Keep camera in purse,
This past week was a busy week. It will always be remembered.
We have had a lot of experience with hospitals in our lives here in the Tilton household. Mostly me. Thyroid Cancer, Kidney Infection, Blood transfusions, Iron transfusions, Double Hernia, and January 2007- June 6th 2007; 6 Trans uterine blood transfusions for Hayden, 29 Ultra sounds for Hayden, 3 hospitalizations during transfusions, Haydens 5 days in NICU with one blood transfusion in the NICU..
Unfortunately this week Hunter's health decided to add to the Hospital stay list.
Hunter is an incredibly healthy, active 14 year old. Last week she went to Girls camp with our Stake Young Women's program. When she arrived home she told us she was having trouble sitting. We didn't think enough of it to immediately take her to the hospital. It progressively worsened. By day three following her return, she had a temperature and was in severe discomfort.
Doug took her to the ER. After a questionably qualified ER Doc finished her discharge papers the triage nurse went to take her temp one last time. It was 102. They immediately sent her to CT followed by surgery. She had an abscess (sp?). After removing it they kept her in the hospital for 3 days. Her white count and temp were down enough to send her home on Wed afternoon.
What a scary week. There has only been one other time I have felt as helpless as I did this past week.
On day three of Hayden NICU stay I arrived early in the morning to see him with his IV sticking into his head, he had three lights on him, bruises from where the IV had been before, bandages from needle sticks and blood transfusions. I couldn't bear it. I fell apart. His little 5.5 pound frame looked so overwhelmed. I was sobbing trying to hold his innocent little body, Doug came and reassured me that was the easiest yet scariest looking way to get a good vein in a newborn. Any way about it I couldn't help my baby to understand what was going on, I couldn't guarantee that everything would be ok.
Doug and I have never had to watch one of our older children suffer and knowingly not be able to make things better ourselves. To not know if things could be made better. Although Hunter looks like she is in college she is only going into the 9th grade! She is still our baby. It was heart breaking to hear our baby repeatedly asking for reassurance. She was as strong as any child could be- yet scared out of her mind.
While laying there watching her sleep, so many wonderful memories of our baby Hunter,were triggered by this experience.
When she was only 13 month old we bought her a Little Tykes golf set. She could barely stand up. But she had an audience of Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Colin and Auntie Heather. She stood tall and repeatedly took the golf club in her tiny hands. With her stubby little arms that could barely reach above her large toddler size cranium, she would hit the golf ball, throw the club to the ground, and clap her hands wildly with the rest of her adoring fans in the living room. By the fifth or sixth time she was throwing the club to the ground mid swing to acknowledge her great accomplishment with frantic clapping. We laughed and clapped for what seemed like hours. Knowing the attention spam of a 13 month old though, I know it couldn't have been for more than 3-7 minutes.
During undergraduate school we lived within 4 blocks of a new Barnes and Noble. Hunter would beg to go to Barnes and Noble. Each time we went we would try to finagle a book for her out our piddle wages. She would glow with excited anticipation as we walked to the store. The staff always gave her a green Balloon to carry home- and a pencil. It was like gold to her. Those were the days...
One of our favorite songs to sing to our children when they were toddlers throughout their snuggle with mommy years has always been You are My Sunshine. Hunter knew this song by the time she was 16 months. During undergraduate at BYU we lived in a fourplex. We were blessed with and upstairs apartment- We had friends, the Patreezies, that lived in one of the lower apartments. The Patreezies had one son, Davie. He was Hunters first love. She loved to; play with him, eat lunch with him, and serenade him. One bright August afternoon in Orem, Utah, Hunter set herself on the back of our tattered couch. The couch backed the large picture window on the front of the apartment. She saw Davie arriving home with his parents. She proceeded to sing You are My Sunshine to Davie. If that crazy, older, man in her life- I believe he was at least 26month old- she was a mere 25m/o- wasn't smitten before that act of adoration I am sure he was soon there after.
I am glad to report that our little sunshine is doing well. She is happy to be home. Unfortunately this has spoiled some of her plans for the summer. Plans that she has been looking forward to since we moved here 12 months ago. We will do our best to make the best of whatever it is we have been handed. We are praying it is a one time deal God gave us to keep us on our toes and humble. We are grateful for all that we are blessed with. Thanks for your prayers and help.