Saturday, October 25, 2008


Uncle Colin, Auntie Heather, Megan, Connor and Aidan at Coles baseball game.
Hunter, Jordan, Cole and Rachie.

Soaking in the kitchen sink... Too cute

This is Hayden's you've got to be kidding look.

Hayden letting me know what he thought of the entire Hospital experience.

Doug, Bill, and Coy Ann at the Arboretum Shopping complex in North Austin

This past month has been full of surprises. I had such a well scheduled month. The menus- the lessons, the practices, the guests, the home improvements, and the half week getaway with my hottie husband. Nearly over scheduled- yet I left a second to breathe in between events. I love a master plan. - and let me tell you I was the master of this dang good plan.
It all went to pot.
The painters went a week over schedule, Our Dog Madigan was attacked and had to have a drain put in his neck, My brother was deathly ill on his visit to our home, My Brother in law and Sister in Law were unable to make it out to visit, I didn't win a million dollars in Vegas, and worst of all our Hayden had a horrible MRSA staph infection and had to have surgery!
He had a drain put in his thigh!
Ending this sad sad pathetic saga- I guess my planning does not go rewarded. Why plan? Should I not plan out Thanksgiving? Will all go better if I just fly by the seat of my pants/ wing it? Deep thoughts by Tiffany. I am fearful! I already have a menu planned and have slated my to do's for the week prior- Hopefully I am not inviting disaster.
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