Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


Twilight- I have read some reviews and I am soo confused. I loved the Twilight series. I went to the movie today with an open mind. There is no way that a man could fit my minds eye of Edward therefore I had no intention of (to many) comparisons between the book and movie.
It was really poorly done. It screamed low budget. The only good scene was the baseball scene. The editing and script were laughable. The theatre quality. In the beginning when Bella's scent was caught by the fan in the classroom- it looked like a Saturday Night Live skit, then when Edward caught Bella's scent it was on the level of my children pretending they were going to vomit. I literally lol. I don't know, maybe it was the editing or perhaps the lack of a decent musical background -but come on! It was marginally as good as an after school special.
On the plus side, Emmett! WOW. All the Cullens (except Edward)- two thumbs up.

My Opinion-
I think they need to get on board with some new directors and rethink the cheesy (over)drawn out scenes/script.
My reccomendation-
Go to a matinee, don't expect much, and have fun! Although I was disappointed, I had fun.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep Stress

We are going to have a full house for Thanksgiving. I am starting to get stressed a bit. 22 people. 8 children 2 babies & 12 adults. Everyone, except one, is getting in on Wednesday night, including my cutie Doug. He will be in at 1am Thursday morning...
I am sure many of you have done this type of cooking on Thanksgiving before- What would you ask people that are driving 3 hours, driving from Missouri, driving from Colorado, flying in from Colorado to bring to the table? Any suggestions for activities for the children ( ages 14,13,12,10,8,7,6,4,3,16 mo and 9 mo). I am so excited to see everyone. 6 days and counting...

Parenting 911

Lets all admit it, before we had children we knew exactly what everyone else was doing wrong. All the horrible children crying in the carts in the store- Clearly the parents fault. The children with the dirt on their hands and possibly a smudge on their shirts. Really, did their parents ever bathe them? And the children that threw things or did not do what their parents directed them to do. Once again obviously a lack of discipline on the parents part and possibly an inability to back up their threats.
I was certain I had the master plan game plan. I KNEW that I knew all the right answers- How much to give how much to take. After all we have 4 perfectly perfect children.
Wow, what can I say... I take back all the cursing of the poor parents- Hayden is amazing and fun and loving but I fear he has anger management issues, an incredible set of lungs, and possibly a tendency to defy authority... He is finally getting better- He understands and is now following directions better. Is this a temporary (please) curse from above for my smug ignorance? Shall this too pass?
If anyone has any suggestions for stopping a child from swatting at anything and everything when he doesn't get his way- PLEASE- pass them my way. I have tried holding his hands tight and with an authoritative voice telling him that was not acceptable... He will smile at me and give me hug -n-luvs..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fill er up!

Had to let everyone know how giddy I was today when I filled my (Suburban) gas tank for $57.00! I was so excited I wanted to drive around so I could fill it up and get giddy again! Two months ago it cost me $120.00 (over $4/gal) to fill my tank. It was $1.98- $2.06 in town today!
Hope this ride lasts awhile. Drive on!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hail to the Chief

All I can say is...
I am so glad the process is over!
For the last two years we have been hearing how we need change.
What frightens me is the fact that Obama seems to want to change America- not rectify the poor decisions our government has made. America has always prided itself on being a place where anyone can make it. America has always been a 'If you have the will there will be a way' kind of a place. Our founding fathers built this nation on the idea of getting away from big government.
I see Obama changing America. Will it still be the America we love?
America is two steps away from being a Socialist country. Now with Obama and the Democrats help...
Obama's talk of lowering taxes.
Of course that is NOT for those who have clocked in thousands of hours of school and work and have succeeded in building wealth through employment and investments. Those people WILL be taxed at a higher rate. Essentially they are paying for all those who put nothing into the pot yet always have their hand in it.
In this great Changed America who will want for the American dream of the past?
Will the American dream exist any longer?
Oh and- Thank Heaven- with Obama in office we will be blessed with great celebrities like Heidi Klum,Seal, fabulous Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen staying in America! Yeah hurray. Their threats to 'leave America' if McCain/Palin were in office were so nauseating!
G.W.Bush and the government (Blue and Red alike) made a huge mess. They burned bridges with many nations. This will take a lot of time to mend. I believe Obama will be a good representative for the rest of the world to see in office. The mending will be easier with Obama in office.
For all of us Americans though...was he the best of the two evils- Being "African American" and being able to be President of the United States is Amazing and historic but that alone doesnt constitute the best choice for the welfare of our country and people. Hopefully voters decided their vote not due to the 'color of skin but the content of character'
God Bless America!