Sunday, December 14, 2008

World Spins Madly on..

So we have been here in Georgetown, Texas for 15 months now. I am now past the first year. The 'hard' transition part. But I am still not feeling it.
Moving is not something new to us. I am used to it. We consider each move an adventure. Life is what you make it... right? I keep telling myself that.
We have a great family- a sweet house- an incredibly family friendly job, we are healthy yet... I still feel the need to complain. What is my problem? just not feeling it here. Where is the love man?
I miss U.P. sooo much. I miss everything I didn't like about it , everything and everyone else!
This week another friend moved away.
Arizona bound. I took our friendship and her proximity for granted. I am sadder each day knowing I wont see her this week. She also had 5 children- ages and genders matching our children. She also had a husband that is an MD. She is an incredible person that is honest and loyal. I am kicking myself for not being more proactive in facilitating more get togethers. Back to square one out here.
One of my closest friends of all time- Jennie Martinez (in U.P.)- was my balance. She knew if given a choice of getting things done around the house or going out with my girlfriends I wouldn't go out- I would stay home and whine about my plate being too full- She would come over with a game plan and whisk me away. She organized a girls vacation to Hawaii. I never would have done that without her. She constantly was doing things to include people in gatherings and making sure everyone felt her sisterly love. She never complained.
Our ward out here is... different.
I am in the Primary Presidency again. Love the kids, love the rest of the presidency and it really isn't that stressful, yet I feel out of the mix with the rest of the ward.
I have 2 friends I really like in the ward. Unfortunately they both work. Fortunately for them it is at the same place. They are best friends. Their families go on vaca together. Although we do a lot together and I know if I put a little more effort into the friendship we would do even more, I will always kinda be the third wheel. No fault of theirs, they always include me but...Just not feeling it. I need a Jennie Martinez out here! I miss her!
I need a Becki Blackner.
Becki is the improved version of me. Same hobbies, Same dislikes, We love to cook, we love cute little things, we love to shop in antique type shoppes. She is wonderfully creative and I fancy myself as being a touch creative. We love to travel- Paris! England! Seaside! We love to read, We are BOTH loud at soccer/baseball/basketball games cheering for our girls and boys. Books... the list goes on. Our differences-She doesn't drink diet coke or any soda for that matter, she would never cuss at a horrible driver and she is far more scheduled/organized than I am. She is a petite blonde with blue eyes- I am 5'7" brunette w/ brown eyes- Salt and pepper there. I miss her.
I miss...
Our cul de sac in U.P.! We had it made! The Kings! Jacqueline and Marcel have children that match up with ours in ages, Keza the oldest, Hunters best friend. They talked about everything at all hours of the night. So well behaved- always a pleasure having around. You always wanted them around! I could walk into their house and feel at home, anytime. My talks with Jacqueline, Christmas Eve together, The kids ringing in the new year loud and proud in the cul de sac. Rachel and Quinci organizing a neighborhood Olympics! They handed out flyers at school! The Shaws! Little Cole visiting. Katy playing with Jordan and Rachel- making them feel so special. Denise... I want to be Denise. Rahul- Coles sidekick. Rahul was at the house for dinner more than Doug. The Arringtons! Julie, Debbie, Miriam, Sherida, Melody, Melanie, Jackie B., Lori, our entire luncheon group, FAB bookclub, All the wonderful Sunset girls- Tamara, Nicole, Tiffany, Tami and Eric Anderson Terri and the girls. I could keep on going and going! Do you see why I miss it soo much?
Why can't I move on and find my new 'cul de sac' a Jmar or a Becki. I have tried to get people to do a luncheon group- nobody is interested. They think it sounds like too much work. We have an older ward. We have Sun City in our boundaries. That is an active living adult community- 55 and older. Lots of wealthy retirees that are done with people in their 20's and 30's. Been there and done that and are moving on. That really limits your buddies in a small ward.
Doug and I are throwing around the idea of moving back to Europe for a few years- Germany this time. Screw our heads on again and enjoy the travel with our family and the schooling for the children. Many Pro's yet many Con's with Hunter and Cole getting ready for college...
I am not miserable. I do not cry myself to sleep. I am merely complaining that my plate isn't full enough. I just need to get over myself and get out there.
Thanks for listening through my self realization blogging. I just wish I could wave a wand and have all my friends here.
Today it was 71 degrees and beautiful- clear skies.
Looking onto new horizons.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.
Friedrich Nietzsche
Recently I have been painfully aware of some close friends being effected by things out of their control.
Job Loss, Divorce, Cancer...
Many prayer have been said from our household- I often wonder why? What is the reason behind these ordeals- why them?
I have a testimony of Jesus Christ, his love for each of us and of the Plan of Salvation that Jesus sacrificed so much for- My testimony has been strengthened as I am humbled by the amazing spirit of my friends. I made a comment to the husband of my friend who is plagued with cancer. I said it was unfair- He kindly put me in my place. Telling me it was fair. it happens. Through their ordeal he knew their love only was growing stronger, He knew they were doing all they could and they knew that through their ordeal scientists and doctors would learn more to help others... They also knew whatever the outcome this time- thy will be done... No matter what happens, they will be together for eternity. They have children who are grown and married, they have grandchildren. They are active and giving of their time and talents at church. "Don't feel sorry for us- we have an amazing life filled with love and purpose"
Such amazing and insightful wisdom. Knowing our purpose here makes a world of difference as to how we handle our challenges.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Friday, November 21, 2008


Twilight- I have read some reviews and I am soo confused. I loved the Twilight series. I went to the movie today with an open mind. There is no way that a man could fit my minds eye of Edward therefore I had no intention of (to many) comparisons between the book and movie.
It was really poorly done. It screamed low budget. The only good scene was the baseball scene. The editing and script were laughable. The theatre quality. In the beginning when Bella's scent was caught by the fan in the classroom- it looked like a Saturday Night Live skit, then when Edward caught Bella's scent it was on the level of my children pretending they were going to vomit. I literally lol. I don't know, maybe it was the editing or perhaps the lack of a decent musical background -but come on! It was marginally as good as an after school special.
On the plus side, Emmett! WOW. All the Cullens (except Edward)- two thumbs up.

My Opinion-
I think they need to get on board with some new directors and rethink the cheesy (over)drawn out scenes/script.
My reccomendation-
Go to a matinee, don't expect much, and have fun! Although I was disappointed, I had fun.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Prep Stress

We are going to have a full house for Thanksgiving. I am starting to get stressed a bit. 22 people. 8 children 2 babies & 12 adults. Everyone, except one, is getting in on Wednesday night, including my cutie Doug. He will be in at 1am Thursday morning...
I am sure many of you have done this type of cooking on Thanksgiving before- What would you ask people that are driving 3 hours, driving from Missouri, driving from Colorado, flying in from Colorado to bring to the table? Any suggestions for activities for the children ( ages 14,13,12,10,8,7,6,4,3,16 mo and 9 mo). I am so excited to see everyone. 6 days and counting...

Parenting 911

Lets all admit it, before we had children we knew exactly what everyone else was doing wrong. All the horrible children crying in the carts in the store- Clearly the parents fault. The children with the dirt on their hands and possibly a smudge on their shirts. Really, did their parents ever bathe them? And the children that threw things or did not do what their parents directed them to do. Once again obviously a lack of discipline on the parents part and possibly an inability to back up their threats.
I was certain I had the master plan game plan. I KNEW that I knew all the right answers- How much to give how much to take. After all we have 4 perfectly perfect children.
Wow, what can I say... I take back all the cursing of the poor parents- Hayden is amazing and fun and loving but I fear he has anger management issues, an incredible set of lungs, and possibly a tendency to defy authority... He is finally getting better- He understands and is now following directions better. Is this a temporary (please) curse from above for my smug ignorance? Shall this too pass?
If anyone has any suggestions for stopping a child from swatting at anything and everything when he doesn't get his way- PLEASE- pass them my way. I have tried holding his hands tight and with an authoritative voice telling him that was not acceptable... He will smile at me and give me hug -n-luvs..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fill er up!

Had to let everyone know how giddy I was today when I filled my (Suburban) gas tank for $57.00! I was so excited I wanted to drive around so I could fill it up and get giddy again! Two months ago it cost me $120.00 (over $4/gal) to fill my tank. It was $1.98- $2.06 in town today!
Hope this ride lasts awhile. Drive on!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hail to the Chief

All I can say is...
I am so glad the process is over!
For the last two years we have been hearing how we need change.
What frightens me is the fact that Obama seems to want to change America- not rectify the poor decisions our government has made. America has always prided itself on being a place where anyone can make it. America has always been a 'If you have the will there will be a way' kind of a place. Our founding fathers built this nation on the idea of getting away from big government.
I see Obama changing America. Will it still be the America we love?
America is two steps away from being a Socialist country. Now with Obama and the Democrats help...
Obama's talk of lowering taxes.
Of course that is NOT for those who have clocked in thousands of hours of school and work and have succeeded in building wealth through employment and investments. Those people WILL be taxed at a higher rate. Essentially they are paying for all those who put nothing into the pot yet always have their hand in it.
In this great Changed America who will want for the American dream of the past?
Will the American dream exist any longer?
Oh and- Thank Heaven- with Obama in office we will be blessed with great celebrities like Heidi Klum,Seal, fabulous Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen staying in America! Yeah hurray. Their threats to 'leave America' if McCain/Palin were in office were so nauseating!
G.W.Bush and the government (Blue and Red alike) made a huge mess. They burned bridges with many nations. This will take a lot of time to mend. I believe Obama will be a good representative for the rest of the world to see in office. The mending will be easier with Obama in office.
For all of us Americans though...was he the best of the two evils- Being "African American" and being able to be President of the United States is Amazing and historic but that alone doesnt constitute the best choice for the welfare of our country and people. Hopefully voters decided their vote not due to the 'color of skin but the content of character'
God Bless America!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Uncle Colin, Auntie Heather, Megan, Connor and Aidan at Coles baseball game.
Hunter, Jordan, Cole and Rachie.

Soaking in the kitchen sink... Too cute

This is Hayden's you've got to be kidding look.

Hayden letting me know what he thought of the entire Hospital experience.

Doug, Bill, and Coy Ann at the Arboretum Shopping complex in North Austin

This past month has been full of surprises. I had such a well scheduled month. The menus- the lessons, the practices, the guests, the home improvements, and the half week getaway with my hottie husband. Nearly over scheduled- yet I left a second to breathe in between events. I love a master plan. - and let me tell you I was the master of this dang good plan.
It all went to pot.
The painters went a week over schedule, Our Dog Madigan was attacked and had to have a drain put in his neck, My brother was deathly ill on his visit to our home, My Brother in law and Sister in Law were unable to make it out to visit, I didn't win a million dollars in Vegas, and worst of all our Hayden had a horrible MRSA staph infection and had to have surgery!
He had a drain put in his thigh!
Ending this sad sad pathetic saga- I guess my planning does not go rewarded. Why plan? Should I not plan out Thanksgiving? Will all go better if I just fly by the seat of my pants/ wing it? Deep thoughts by Tiffany. I am fearful! I already have a menu planned and have slated my to do's for the week prior- Hopefully I am not inviting disaster.
FrankenFamily signing out

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rescue Me!

Phew- So many things to tell yet so little desire to not sleep... I will do my best to give you the skinny.
Time has flown by with our family this summer. So many activities yet it feels as if time has slipped through our fingers. I entertained the idea that once school started things would calm down. Perhaps I would have a few more 'breaks' (wha?). Not a chance! Life seems to be stuck on fast forward. I fancy myself as someone who can run with the big dogs - OMGoodness- I am dying here. 36 is supposed to be the new 28-
My daily schedule starts at
Hunter up at 4:45- and doesnt slow down until 10pm
I know many have even busier schedules. I am not complaining just swimming, treading water right now. I want my kids back- I want summer back.

On the happy, bright side- the kids are loving school!

Hunter started High school. She has made some great fun friends. They like fashion but aren't obsessed. They are giggly about boys but not over the top. They are athletes and scholars. They are kind girls with stellar senses of humor. Well balanced
Cole is loving 7th grade. Great friends- Nice kids- He is playing football. He made the 'A' team -wha? He is athletic yet only a slight 100 pounds! That is a feather here. He is also playing baseball. Adjectives that I would describe football with for Cole- terrifying and perhaps...theatrical. Although to most it may have seemed that he was a part of a few select plays during his first game -I am positive I saw him running to the side of his tackle briefly. Bravo for his debut performance. Unfortunately he was injured during his first game... too much to blog about- FYI it is now an ouch not an injury- he is doing better everyday.
Rachie has one of her best friends Marci in her class. She was bouncing off the walls when she found out. She is playing soccer, Doug is asst. coach for her team the 'Flash'. Rachie has 5 new hamsters babies. Thankfully we have homes for all 5 to go to!
Jordie is loving first grade. She is a reading fool. She is still getting used to the long day at school. She usually crashes before dinner. Unfortunately it is a accelerated downward spiral the second she steps off the bus. This spiral is usually accompanied by some type of meltdown/system failure matched by a demand from Mom or Dad for her to go lay down... Hopefully we will have this chaos in check sooner than later.
Doug is having as much fun as possible at work. He has been bored lately. He recently took his Texas Jurisprudence exam and received his Texas state license. He was also credentialed by a few other practices for moonlighting/ locums. He is in Indiana for 5 days right now. The man is a working machine. We are gearing up for a busy month. We get to see Dave and Robin this weekend. Bill and Coy Ann will be visiting, Doug is heading out to Indiana again- Cole is turning 13 on the 21st. Doug and I are heading to Las Vegas. Doug will be at a conference- I will be relaxing. Short and sweet vaca for the two of us- And in November we are looking forward to Ben, Greg and Megan heading out for Thanksgiving!
Hayden has taken to giggling uncontrollably. He still isn't really trying to talk. He is so much fun. We love to give him squishy hugs. He gives loves freely now, w/ little pats on your back.
As for me- Same ole same ole. I have this knack for acting with my heart and not always my head. Logic and reason don't always come first. Last week we braced ourselves for hurricane IKE. We prepared for many evacuees to head up to Georgetown. The schools were used as shelters from Austin on up. 3 Days after the hurricane hit I happened upon a couple with puppies. They had been sleeping in their car with 6 puppies and 2 dogs for 5 days! The shelters wouldn't take them with their dogs. They were skinny dirty dogs (and people). The couple needed money and shelter. They had the papers for the dogs- Boxers. I purchased one for Doug's 39th birthday... Just what he didn't want. We have settled on the name Maisy- But we aren't sold on it. Any suggestions? I also like Harley- We are having fun getting her healthy and loving her. Even if she doesn't work out with us (she is puppy rough with Hayden) we assume because she is so cute and lovable we can surely find someone willing to give her a home.
Please send any name suggestions for our newest addition-
That's life for now
Will keep you posted!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Break at Breck

Sorry I have not posted recently!
Fortunately for our family we were blessed with the return of Doug's Mom and Dad- Bill and Coy Ann Tilton! They have been serving a mission for the last 2 years in Uruguay. They arrived home to many smiling faces on Saturday, August 9th at 10:24 in Colorado Springs. What a great feeling to see them step around the corner of the walkway! I am not quite sure what I was expecting but two hours before they arrived it seemed like forever since we had seen them- As soon as we laid our eyes on them it seemed like yesterday. What an amazing feeling. I love the feeling of family- Of knowing you are near love. When I was able to hug Coy Ann with a 'welcome home' it felt so good knowing that they were home- that they were safe- that they made such an incredible decision to go and serve a mission and they returned with honor. I became a smidge choked up upon their arrival yet quickly got my game face back on. My thoughts turned to curiosity- Wonderment if they were sad to be back home. I have never served a mission but I know how much I love to serve others. I can only imagine how their hearts have been filled these last two years. Many people are going to miss them in Uruguay- I just hope they feel and know how much they are loved here also- Everyone that knows them knows of their good works and charity - they know of their sacrifices for others. I guess in short- cutting out my babble- I am so proud to be a part of this family. I walk among giants.
We have been anxiously anticipating their return - It was better than imagined/anticipated.
Doug(+6) has 3 brothers, David(+6), Greg(+3), Ben, and also one sister, Terri(+4). Each sibling was represented by their entire family- minus one, Alex, from Dave and Robins crew-unfortunately Alex couldn't get away from work and commitments in LA.
Our Tilton Family Reunion was in Breckenridge, Colorado at the Little Mountain Lodge. Bill and Coy Ann set the entire crew up in this amazing little mansion. The Little Mountain Lodge is a Bed and Breakfast but Bill and Coy Ann rented it out in its entirety for the week. AMAZING! 12 Bedrooms, 3 of them Suites, Doug and I were lucky enough to score a suite with a fireplace - the whole 9 yards. Sweet Suite. I don't think we could have asked for a better place for 26 family members to hang out together. My sister in law Megan coordinated food with the caterers up here and also set up all the fixins for anything and everything else you could imagine. I am sure more stress than I will even imagine. Kudos to her. Phew for me!
All the cousins were so excited to be together. It was such a blast catching up with the everyone. There was golfing, swimming, a Scavenger Hunt through Downtown Breckenridge, Horseback riding, Rock wall climbing, Jeopardy, a Birthday Party, BBQ, An Easter Egg hunt, Shopping, Photography and so many fun memories shared. Although I know we all had a ton of fun I am more excited to see how Bill and Coy Ann recoup after the reunion. I think it aged them. They left within 2 hours of landing for a week family reunion with 26 totally different personalities in one home after being away from home in a foreign country for 2 years... Hmm I think they are WAY overdue a break from Everyone and Everything. I am eager to hear how they spend their first month back to life as we know it.
I will post more ASAP. Here are some pics that I snapped while on break in Breck.

Monday, July 28, 2008

96 degrees in the shade

Another July Day in Texas- Another 107 degree day!

At 8 in the evening it was still 101! The craziest part of this is the fact that it didn't seem that hot to me. We have learned how to acclimate I guess.
Baseball and Soccer resumed this week . We have seen children have to leave the field - vomitting and heat exhaustion.
Cole and Rachel are attending a Golf and Tennis camp here at Berry Creek this week. It begins at 8:30 and ends at 2pm. They are spent by the time it is over. 7pm bedtime!
Hunter started on a new soccer team this week. Georgetown United. She went to practice tonight. Her head coach used to play keep for Mexico. He seems as if he is a great coach. The last couple of months teams have been calling, emailing, and asking for Hunter to come and check them out. We didn't know what to expect. When Hunter got to United's practice tonight she was the only player that wasn't Hispanic. The coach , in Spanish, told the team to play nice and turn it down a couple of notches so they wouldn't scare her off. It was 105 degrees when they started! Hunters ivory complexion rapidly turned beet red! Thankfully all went well. She decided to stick with G United. We think she will learn a lot from these players and coaches. She is very driven and has been looking for a team that takes soccer seriously. I guess you have to be careful what you wish for! They take it really seriously!
Cole started his Baseball last week. It is a new team with some fresh out of college coaches. There were better teams that wanted him but they were not forgiving about letting us observe the Sabbath on Sunday. They eat breathe and sleep Baseball. Cole would love to do that but He doesn't take his Priesthood responsibilities lightly. He is such a sweetie!
Rachie got new Golf Clubs tonight- So excited for camp! She is also anxious to get her tennis game shaped up so she can play with the big kids. She wants to be a pro at tennis by the end of the week so she can impress Grandma and Grandpa Tilton at our upcoming family reunion. These are her first tennis lessons ever. I guess we will cross our fingers and toes for her.
Hunter, Cole, and Rachie also started Guitar lessons last week. Because Cole plays the cello and Hunter plays the violin it has been easy for them to pick up. They purchased guitars with Grandma and Grandpa Tiltons Christmas money last year. They had their first lesson last Thursday. They each can already play every song in the book. They cannot wait for their next lesson. What can I say, My kids rock way too hard ;)
Jordie is loving swimming every day. She is deeply saddened her 'best friend Trinity' (we hear that phrase at LEAST once a day) is moving to Arizona. She is still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Arizona isn't right down the street and it won't be that easy to visit.
Hayden is walking everywhere now. The child is fearless. He reminds me of ET waddling around everywhere- those stubby, short, legs and that thick torso- Too cute. He is kissable!
My camera is charged and ready. I will get pics of camps and practices!

Loving Texas

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Edited Smoke and Mirrors

Last night I got to talking with a mom about blogging. This particular conversation has come up a few times before in reference to blogging. There are as many haters out there as fellow bloggers! I immediately get defensive
Their problem with blogging is they believe we have selective recollection. The lack of reality in the pictures of so many Very Brady/ Cleveresque families. Women wearing pearls while baking kids with schedules and rules that they follow without being asked... They are calling BS on all blogs I guess.
I tried to explain that I do not spew sunshine on all the world and paint a portrait of our family as to illustrate our family as untouchable or perfect. I just try to recount the week or day for friends and family.
Unfortunately, looking back I guess I have pulled the wool over all eyes peeking at our blog. I am a fraud. We are not perfect. I have yet to mention more than a handful of my misgivings. Yes, it is true we do have some.
I will now divulge a few things you probably didn't know about our workings here in the Tilton household. (only me- I wont embarrass anyone else.)
Hmm, where do I start.
-I, Tiffany Tilton, cuss at drivers when I am driving and far too often in my head. If anyone were ever a mind reader... Lets just pray they don't drive near me.
-In the summer time I occasionally wait until well after the chores and cleaning et. are done before I shower. I then shew the children away and allow them to do whatever they want while Hayden has his nap so I can indulge in a good book. I wait for Doug's call that he is on his way home before I hurry to straighten and put my make-up and pearls on.
-Smoke and mirrors baby.
-I spend too much money.
-I am rude to telemarketers.
-My closet is a holy pit of horrors.
It is the abyss of our home. Anything lost you can most likely find after a month in my closet. I don't even let the cleaning ladies go in there.
-I am a Diet Coke (silver can- yeah that's right the hard stuff) addict. Love it.
-I loathe cell phones. I really don't like hearing others peoples loud, pompous, one sided conversations in restaurants, stores et.!
-I am a hypocrite. I insist on everyone else giving me a game plan- but I actually like to fly by the seat of my pants.
-I don't exercise nearly enough- I have yet to commit to conquer the extra baby weight (he just turned 1!) packed on during and after Hayden. I guess you could say I took a year off. It has been great fun-but reality is telling me it's go time.

There you have it.
I am far from perfect and I know it. Although I do try to always do my best and am working on my many flaws- As with most bloggers I try to post as many of the fun things/happenings in our life that I can. Do we really always want to relive ick? Complaining doesn't make for fun journaling/blogging- So I guess that is why I am selective about what I blog- After writing the fore mentioned ick you probably see what I am saying to all the haters out there. Yawn! Who cares about those misgivings!
I vow to never divulge so much ick again!
Confession session over.
Back to the good stuff.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

You are My Sunshine

Reading other peoples blogs humbles me. I am constantly amazed at all the fun and exciting things people are doing with their families, homes, and lives. And the even more amazing fact that they always have their camera with them. Note to self- Keep camera in purse,
This past week was a busy week. It will always be remembered.
We have had a lot of experience with hospitals in our lives here in the Tilton household. Mostly me. Thyroid Cancer, Kidney Infection, Blood transfusions, Iron transfusions, Double Hernia, and January 2007- June 6th 2007; 6 Trans uterine blood transfusions for Hayden, 29 Ultra sounds for Hayden, 3 hospitalizations during transfusions, Haydens 5 days in NICU with one blood transfusion in the NICU..
Unfortunately this week Hunter's health decided to add to the Hospital stay list.
Hunter is an incredibly healthy, active 14 year old. Last week she went to Girls camp with our Stake Young Women's program. When she arrived home she told us she was having trouble sitting. We didn't think enough of it to immediately take her to the hospital. It progressively worsened. By day three following her return, she had a temperature and was in severe discomfort.
Doug took her to the ER. After a questionably qualified ER Doc finished her discharge papers the triage nurse went to take her temp one last time. It was 102. They immediately sent her to CT followed by surgery. She had an abscess (sp?). After removing it they kept her in the hospital for 3 days. Her white count and temp were down enough to send her home on Wed afternoon.
What a scary week. There has only been one other time I have felt as helpless as I did this past week.
On day three of Hayden NICU stay I arrived early in the morning to see him with his IV sticking into his head, he had three lights on him, bruises from where the IV had been before, bandages from needle sticks and blood transfusions. I couldn't bear it. I fell apart. His little 5.5 pound frame looked so overwhelmed. I was sobbing trying to hold his innocent little body, Doug came and reassured me that was the easiest yet scariest looking way to get a good vein in a newborn. Any way about it I couldn't help my baby to understand what was going on, I couldn't guarantee that everything would be ok.
Doug and I have never had to watch one of our older children suffer and knowingly not be able to make things better ourselves. To not know if things could be made better. Although Hunter looks like she is in college she is only going into the 9th grade! She is still our baby. It was heart breaking to hear our baby repeatedly asking for reassurance. She was as strong as any child could be- yet scared out of her mind.
While laying there watching her sleep, so many wonderful memories of our baby Hunter,were triggered by this experience.
When she was only 13 month old we bought her a Little Tykes golf set. She could barely stand up. But she had an audience of Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Colin and Auntie Heather. She stood tall and repeatedly took the golf club in her tiny hands. With her stubby little arms that could barely reach above her large toddler size cranium, she would hit the golf ball, throw the club to the ground, and clap her hands wildly with the rest of her adoring fans in the living room. By the fifth or sixth time she was throwing the club to the ground mid swing to acknowledge her great accomplishment with frantic clapping. We laughed and clapped for what seemed like hours. Knowing the attention spam of a 13 month old though, I know it couldn't have been for more than 3-7 minutes.
During undergraduate school we lived within 4 blocks of a new Barnes and Noble. Hunter would beg to go to Barnes and Noble. Each time we went we would try to finagle a book for her out our piddle wages. She would glow with excited anticipation as we walked to the store. The staff always gave her a green Balloon to carry home- and a pencil. It was like gold to her. Those were the days...
One of our favorite songs to sing to our children when they were toddlers throughout their snuggle with mommy years has always been You are My Sunshine. Hunter knew this song by the time she was 16 months. During undergraduate at BYU we lived in a fourplex. We were blessed with and upstairs apartment- We had friends, the Patreezies, that lived in one of the lower apartments. The Patreezies had one son, Davie. He was Hunters first love. She loved to; play with him, eat lunch with him, and serenade him. One bright August afternoon in Orem, Utah, Hunter set herself on the back of our tattered couch. The couch backed the large picture window on the front of the apartment. She saw Davie arriving home with his parents. She proceeded to sing You are My Sunshine to Davie. If that crazy, older, man in her life- I believe he was at least 26month old- she was a mere 25m/o- wasn't smitten before that act of adoration I am sure he was soon there after.
I am glad to report that our little sunshine is doing well. She is happy to be home. Unfortunately this has spoiled some of her plans for the summer. Plans that she has been looking forward to since we moved here 12 months ago. We will do our best to make the best of whatever it is we have been handed. We are praying it is a one time deal God gave us to keep us on our toes and humble. We are grateful for all that we are blessed with. Thanks for your prayers and help.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blessing of family.

A few months ago we were able to attend the blessing of the newest addition to the Tilton Family Tree. Jack Tilton son of Greg and Megan Tilton. We are so excited to have a new cousin. Double bonus that he will be a playmate for Hayden! His big sister Ellie is a pill. In this picture she is showing off her fabulously huge smile. The visit was great. We loved the time spent with family. It is so nice to be able to drive to see our family! Greg and Megan are in their first home. It is an amazing first home. They are changing it up and customizing all the nooks and crannies. Quite impressive.

On our trip out there (Missouri) we used my Christmas present, the Garmin. Tons of fun and quite helpful little thing. I like to use it to locate stores and gas stations et. The drive was 12 hours. Not bad at all. The kids measure it by the amount of movies we watch, thiss was a 4. Hayden enjoyed the journey and loved the cozy time with the family.

When we arrived Doug's big sister Terri had already arrived and was enjoying the family. We were able to stay up and talk until late. I really wish we lived a smidge closer. It was so refreshing to see Terri- Like being home. We lived only 40 minutes away from eachother in Wa. . We used to be able to let the cousins hang out together quite a bit. She is an amazing woman- I really think she should run for City Council (to start off). She is a person that when she has an idea or a vision of how something should be she doesn't sit and ponder. She has initiative and amazing motivation. She is a doer. She is an amazing mother- She plans amazing vacations - South Africa, England, Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, Oregon, Idaho, Belgium... All the vacations are carefully planned and thought out. Terri runs Marathons and has done the Triathalons. Terri has such a strong maternal instinct with her brothers. She is always there for them- protective and loving. Everyone calls Terri with questions of dates, phone numbers and updates on everything family. She is an amazing example for many. We really miss her Steve and 'the cousins'.

All of our children were so excited to see Ellie and baby Jack. The blessing was beautiful. Doug was so glad to be able to be there and be a part of that special occasion.

On the way home we were able to spend the night at my Mom and Dad's home in Dallas. We were on the road home from Dallas, Hunter and Jordan were in the back seat, Cole, Hayden, and Rachie were in the middle seat and Doug and I were up front. Jordie was laying against the side of the back of the car. Hunter told her to lay on her lap, Jordie had just barely moved to the middle seat and layed across Hunters lap. There was a HUGE boom and glass started flying everywhere. The large semi truck passing by us had thrown something over the side and it went through our right rear passenger window right where Jordan had been. Someone was watching out for Jordie.

Doug fixed the situation with a couple of trash bags and duct tape. Part redneck, part McGyver solution- the man is amazing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haute Mama

I have recently seen many really cute embellished applique shirts for toddlers. Miriam and Sherida (and many others I am sure) are making these great Haute Couture outfits for their munchkins. Out here in Hill country I am severely limited (without going into Austin) on my Fabric store selection and sales staff know how. This week I went to Walmart (the store I hate, loathe, and abhor yet frequent on a regular basis). I bought fusible iron-on backing and fabric. I printed up some fonts I liked- laminated and use them as a template. My edges are raw- Puff paint looked amateur, Do you guys stitch around them? I would love for you to post pictures and any helpful hints you may have about your tricks of the trade. Do you use a Cricut? Clue me in to your secrets. I want to be a Haute mama too!

I asked for ideas from the very kind 2 tooth lady at Walmart yet did not get alot of love there. She agreed with just about everything I asked...Whah?

To give you an idea of where in Texas we are- plainly put- the middle of nowhere. Before moving we repeatedly told our children that we we moving to the middle of nowhere. My thoughts on that approach to the move- Set the expectation low and they will be so excited when they realize we do not have to use an outhouse- There is Plumbing! Hollar. On the bright side, Middle of Nowhere Texas is 30 minutes away from Austin and 20 minutes from Round Rock

Before our move, Jordan, our 6 year old, went to stay with our good friends the Blackners. Becki was chatting it up with Jordie. Becki relayed this conversation to me following Jordan's visit. Becki told me how, when talking with Jordan, she had mentioned the prospect of the new friends Jordan would make in Texas. Jordan quickly slapped that idea down to the ground. She stopped her and explained to Becki her dire situation. "No I wont have any new friends, Mommy says we are moving to the middle of nowhere" I guess her picture/idea of the middle of nowhere did not include people.

Jordan was pleasantly surprised to see children in the Middle of Nowhere Texas and now has a growing posse.

The world has been set right again.

So- Please send ideas out here to Middle of Nowhere Texas! Any ideas not to frilly for a little boy would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks- TT

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pebbles in my pocket

15 years! That is how long Doug and I have been married. It seems like yesterday yet our memories together seem to have been forever.
I look forward to every minute together. I can sum up the way I feel about Doug with the fact I smile when I am thinking about him- I can feel a twinkle in my eyes while I smile.
I feel blessed to have him as my best friend, husband, and father of our 5 children. I am thankful that he holds me, the children, and the gospel dear. He protects each with careful admiration and devotion. I love that he only does his best. He does not settle for any sort of mediocrity in life. I love his passions in life. He is never idle. He inspires me and our children to create, to learn, keep busy, and always do our very best.
Fathers Day reminds me of many wonderful memories of Doug with our children. My favorite memory being the day they (each) were born. Hunter was our first. We were so young and ready for the world without a plan. All we needed was love and fresh water. The evening of her birth I wanted to be strong. I couldn't believe I was being a so weak, crying throughout the delivery. I tried to hide my tears between contractions and act like I was a trooper. Doug was by my side being strong and encouraging. He was incredibly anxious with anticipation. I was scared. When Hunter came into the world I was exhausted and not really feeling the moment like you hear/read- no angels singing or instant bonding - I was exhausted. I looked up and saw Doug crying- tears on his cheeks. He was holding my hand and looking at Hunter, not wanting to let go of either. Literal tears of joy! The kind you read about.
I was amazed and humbled. It was beautiful. Each childbirth has been equally beautiful. I cherish those pebbles in my pockets.
Doug adores his girls and boys. Ladies in our Bethesda Ward used to ask how I was able to get Doug to help out with the kids. They would watch him have fun playing with them -snuggle and kiss them. The answer I gave was I couldn't keep him away. He is the best father around. Doug gave up doing some specialties in Medicine he really enjoyed and thrived in -in exchange for a more family friendly lifestyle- Radiology (they called it Radiholiday in Med school).
I am so thankful for my guy on this Fathers Day. I am thankful for his sacrifices. I am thankful for his parents. They raised an amazing son. They taught him how to fly but let him know he had to soar on his own. They gave him the determination and desire to soar.
I cherish the many pebbles in my pockets I have picked up while admiring Doug as a Father. I look forward to the many more that await.
Happy Fathers Day to the best father around!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Peak at the house...

Making the house you buy become YOUR home takes awhile. I have been promising to send pictures of the house here in Georgetown for nearly 9 months now! I wanted to wait until we painted it, I wanted to wait until we furnished it accordingly. I wanted to wait until it was picture perfect. That will take awhile so you get the hodge podge state it is in right now. We are slowly weeding out the things that just don't go with this home. Each time you move you buy things that are customized for the size and scale of a home. We have never had a home with ceilings and windows like this home. It helped me to take pictures of the house though- I forgot about a few things that I casually placed atop of the fridge. Whoops. Weird fireplace- do you notice anything peculiar about it? Let us know what you think. I need help decorating two HUGE areas above the fireplace (6ft tall 4ft wide 3 ft deep). Ansley-anyone, any ideas?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Starting late in the game...

Being on time has never been one of my strong suits. Back in H.S. I was chronically late for first hour AP Bio... I really don't remember how that could have happened- I had early morning seminary before school. Hmm, I guess it is just another thing from High School that I am repressing. I am terminally 15 minutes behind my target time to get anywhere in life. My current excuse is baby Hayden's schedule. It is a horrible character flaw to be as self centered as I am and always be tardy- I hope to grow up and take charge before I turn... is 50 good for everyone? Baby steps right? Enough about the things I should probably have analyzed and go to counseling for-

My point-
I am once again two steps behind with this blogging thing!
I have recently seen some Amazing blogs done by people that are 10X as busy as I am! I have no excuse. I am now taking charge and archiving my deepest thoughts and feelings...NOT! Our blog will be a simple recap of the day or the week of events.
Q? Do other parents feel like I do? A day starting bright and early with the baby waking- a day's schedule packed with baseball practices- soccer games- grocery shopping- laundry for our 1,6,10,12 and 14 y/o -runny noses- butterfly kisses- cooking- a 12 month old that bites my knees for attention when I am trying to do the dishes, a husband who gets home- after having a life and career of his own- and owns as much of my attention as the munchkins
Do I feel Crazy, Complete, Overwhelmed, Appreciated, Young, Underpaid, Privileged, Lucky, Exhausted, Happy?
Sometimes all of those feelings- sometimes a select few.
I am looking forward to summer with the kids. Vacation with the family! I will be sad when school starts again and we aren't plotting our next adventure. Sometimes I am sad that everyone else in the world doesn't have a family just like mine- In short,
I love my life.
I love my Family.
I love our friends far and near.
I hope to keep you updated on our cute and crazy kids. I hope to keep you posted on;

-How, after 26 years of school, Doug is handling the real world.
-What Hunter is up to with soccer, basketball, track, school, and YW's,
-How Cole is doing with Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and random comments about "bulking up"
-Rachie with her robo Hamsters, Writing books, and Basketball
-Jordan with Soccer, Reading, and Cheer leading/gymnastics
-Hayden in his quest to conquer the baby gate so he can peak the 20 stair spiral staircase in the Foyer.
We will post soon-
Keep posting-