Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rescue Me!

Phew- So many things to tell yet so little desire to not sleep... I will do my best to give you the skinny.
Time has flown by with our family this summer. So many activities yet it feels as if time has slipped through our fingers. I entertained the idea that once school started things would calm down. Perhaps I would have a few more 'breaks' (wha?). Not a chance! Life seems to be stuck on fast forward. I fancy myself as someone who can run with the big dogs - OMGoodness- I am dying here. 36 is supposed to be the new 28-
My daily schedule starts at
Hunter up at 4:45- and doesnt slow down until 10pm
I know many have even busier schedules. I am not complaining just swimming, treading water right now. I want my kids back- I want summer back.

On the happy, bright side- the kids are loving school!

Hunter started High school. She has made some great fun friends. They like fashion but aren't obsessed. They are giggly about boys but not over the top. They are athletes and scholars. They are kind girls with stellar senses of humor. Well balanced
Cole is loving 7th grade. Great friends- Nice kids- He is playing football. He made the 'A' team -wha? He is athletic yet only a slight 100 pounds! That is a feather here. He is also playing baseball. Adjectives that I would describe football with for Cole- terrifying and perhaps...theatrical. Although to most it may have seemed that he was a part of a few select plays during his first game -I am positive I saw him running to the side of his tackle briefly. Bravo for his debut performance. Unfortunately he was injured during his first game... too much to blog about- FYI it is now an ouch not an injury- he is doing better everyday.
Rachie has one of her best friends Marci in her class. She was bouncing off the walls when she found out. She is playing soccer, Doug is asst. coach for her team the 'Flash'. Rachie has 5 new hamsters babies. Thankfully we have homes for all 5 to go to!
Jordie is loving first grade. She is a reading fool. She is still getting used to the long day at school. She usually crashes before dinner. Unfortunately it is a accelerated downward spiral the second she steps off the bus. This spiral is usually accompanied by some type of meltdown/system failure matched by a demand from Mom or Dad for her to go lay down... Hopefully we will have this chaos in check sooner than later.
Doug is having as much fun as possible at work. He has been bored lately. He recently took his Texas Jurisprudence exam and received his Texas state license. He was also credentialed by a few other practices for moonlighting/ locums. He is in Indiana for 5 days right now. The man is a working machine. We are gearing up for a busy month. We get to see Dave and Robin this weekend. Bill and Coy Ann will be visiting, Doug is heading out to Indiana again- Cole is turning 13 on the 21st. Doug and I are heading to Las Vegas. Doug will be at a conference- I will be relaxing. Short and sweet vaca for the two of us- And in November we are looking forward to Ben, Greg and Megan heading out for Thanksgiving!
Hayden has taken to giggling uncontrollably. He still isn't really trying to talk. He is so much fun. We love to give him squishy hugs. He gives loves freely now, w/ little pats on your back.
As for me- Same ole same ole. I have this knack for acting with my heart and not always my head. Logic and reason don't always come first. Last week we braced ourselves for hurricane IKE. We prepared for many evacuees to head up to Georgetown. The schools were used as shelters from Austin on up. 3 Days after the hurricane hit I happened upon a couple with puppies. They had been sleeping in their car with 6 puppies and 2 dogs for 5 days! The shelters wouldn't take them with their dogs. They were skinny dirty dogs (and people). The couple needed money and shelter. They had the papers for the dogs- Boxers. I purchased one for Doug's 39th birthday... Just what he didn't want. We have settled on the name Maisy- But we aren't sold on it. Any suggestions? I also like Harley- We are having fun getting her healthy and loving her. Even if she doesn't work out with us (she is puppy rough with Hayden) we assume because she is so cute and lovable we can surely find someone willing to give her a home.
Please send any name suggestions for our newest addition-
That's life for now
Will keep you posted!