Monday, June 23, 2008

The Blessing of family.

A few months ago we were able to attend the blessing of the newest addition to the Tilton Family Tree. Jack Tilton son of Greg and Megan Tilton. We are so excited to have a new cousin. Double bonus that he will be a playmate for Hayden! His big sister Ellie is a pill. In this picture she is showing off her fabulously huge smile. The visit was great. We loved the time spent with family. It is so nice to be able to drive to see our family! Greg and Megan are in their first home. It is an amazing first home. They are changing it up and customizing all the nooks and crannies. Quite impressive.

On our trip out there (Missouri) we used my Christmas present, the Garmin. Tons of fun and quite helpful little thing. I like to use it to locate stores and gas stations et. The drive was 12 hours. Not bad at all. The kids measure it by the amount of movies we watch, thiss was a 4. Hayden enjoyed the journey and loved the cozy time with the family.

When we arrived Doug's big sister Terri had already arrived and was enjoying the family. We were able to stay up and talk until late. I really wish we lived a smidge closer. It was so refreshing to see Terri- Like being home. We lived only 40 minutes away from eachother in Wa. . We used to be able to let the cousins hang out together quite a bit. She is an amazing woman- I really think she should run for City Council (to start off). She is a person that when she has an idea or a vision of how something should be she doesn't sit and ponder. She has initiative and amazing motivation. She is a doer. She is an amazing mother- She plans amazing vacations - South Africa, England, Hawaii, Alaska, Las Vegas, Oregon, Idaho, Belgium... All the vacations are carefully planned and thought out. Terri runs Marathons and has done the Triathalons. Terri has such a strong maternal instinct with her brothers. She is always there for them- protective and loving. Everyone calls Terri with questions of dates, phone numbers and updates on everything family. She is an amazing example for many. We really miss her Steve and 'the cousins'.

All of our children were so excited to see Ellie and baby Jack. The blessing was beautiful. Doug was so glad to be able to be there and be a part of that special occasion.

On the way home we were able to spend the night at my Mom and Dad's home in Dallas. We were on the road home from Dallas, Hunter and Jordan were in the back seat, Cole, Hayden, and Rachie were in the middle seat and Doug and I were up front. Jordie was laying against the side of the back of the car. Hunter told her to lay on her lap, Jordie had just barely moved to the middle seat and layed across Hunters lap. There was a HUGE boom and glass started flying everywhere. The large semi truck passing by us had thrown something over the side and it went through our right rear passenger window right where Jordan had been. Someone was watching out for Jordie.

Doug fixed the situation with a couple of trash bags and duct tape. Part redneck, part McGyver solution- the man is amazing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haute Mama

I have recently seen many really cute embellished applique shirts for toddlers. Miriam and Sherida (and many others I am sure) are making these great Haute Couture outfits for their munchkins. Out here in Hill country I am severely limited (without going into Austin) on my Fabric store selection and sales staff know how. This week I went to Walmart (the store I hate, loathe, and abhor yet frequent on a regular basis). I bought fusible iron-on backing and fabric. I printed up some fonts I liked- laminated and use them as a template. My edges are raw- Puff paint looked amateur, Do you guys stitch around them? I would love for you to post pictures and any helpful hints you may have about your tricks of the trade. Do you use a Cricut? Clue me in to your secrets. I want to be a Haute mama too!

I asked for ideas from the very kind 2 tooth lady at Walmart yet did not get alot of love there. She agreed with just about everything I asked...Whah?

To give you an idea of where in Texas we are- plainly put- the middle of nowhere. Before moving we repeatedly told our children that we we moving to the middle of nowhere. My thoughts on that approach to the move- Set the expectation low and they will be so excited when they realize we do not have to use an outhouse- There is Plumbing! Hollar. On the bright side, Middle of Nowhere Texas is 30 minutes away from Austin and 20 minutes from Round Rock

Before our move, Jordan, our 6 year old, went to stay with our good friends the Blackners. Becki was chatting it up with Jordie. Becki relayed this conversation to me following Jordan's visit. Becki told me how, when talking with Jordan, she had mentioned the prospect of the new friends Jordan would make in Texas. Jordan quickly slapped that idea down to the ground. She stopped her and explained to Becki her dire situation. "No I wont have any new friends, Mommy says we are moving to the middle of nowhere" I guess her picture/idea of the middle of nowhere did not include people.

Jordan was pleasantly surprised to see children in the Middle of Nowhere Texas and now has a growing posse.

The world has been set right again.

So- Please send ideas out here to Middle of Nowhere Texas! Any ideas not to frilly for a little boy would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks- TT

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pebbles in my pocket

15 years! That is how long Doug and I have been married. It seems like yesterday yet our memories together seem to have been forever.
I look forward to every minute together. I can sum up the way I feel about Doug with the fact I smile when I am thinking about him- I can feel a twinkle in my eyes while I smile.
I feel blessed to have him as my best friend, husband, and father of our 5 children. I am thankful that he holds me, the children, and the gospel dear. He protects each with careful admiration and devotion. I love that he only does his best. He does not settle for any sort of mediocrity in life. I love his passions in life. He is never idle. He inspires me and our children to create, to learn, keep busy, and always do our very best.
Fathers Day reminds me of many wonderful memories of Doug with our children. My favorite memory being the day they (each) were born. Hunter was our first. We were so young and ready for the world without a plan. All we needed was love and fresh water. The evening of her birth I wanted to be strong. I couldn't believe I was being a so weak, crying throughout the delivery. I tried to hide my tears between contractions and act like I was a trooper. Doug was by my side being strong and encouraging. He was incredibly anxious with anticipation. I was scared. When Hunter came into the world I was exhausted and not really feeling the moment like you hear/read- no angels singing or instant bonding - I was exhausted. I looked up and saw Doug crying- tears on his cheeks. He was holding my hand and looking at Hunter, not wanting to let go of either. Literal tears of joy! The kind you read about.
I was amazed and humbled. It was beautiful. Each childbirth has been equally beautiful. I cherish those pebbles in my pockets.
Doug adores his girls and boys. Ladies in our Bethesda Ward used to ask how I was able to get Doug to help out with the kids. They would watch him have fun playing with them -snuggle and kiss them. The answer I gave was I couldn't keep him away. He is the best father around. Doug gave up doing some specialties in Medicine he really enjoyed and thrived in -in exchange for a more family friendly lifestyle- Radiology (they called it Radiholiday in Med school).
I am so thankful for my guy on this Fathers Day. I am thankful for his sacrifices. I am thankful for his parents. They raised an amazing son. They taught him how to fly but let him know he had to soar on his own. They gave him the determination and desire to soar.
I cherish the many pebbles in my pockets I have picked up while admiring Doug as a Father. I look forward to the many more that await.
Happy Fathers Day to the best father around!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Peak at the house...

Making the house you buy become YOUR home takes awhile. I have been promising to send pictures of the house here in Georgetown for nearly 9 months now! I wanted to wait until we painted it, I wanted to wait until we furnished it accordingly. I wanted to wait until it was picture perfect. That will take awhile so you get the hodge podge state it is in right now. We are slowly weeding out the things that just don't go with this home. Each time you move you buy things that are customized for the size and scale of a home. We have never had a home with ceilings and windows like this home. It helped me to take pictures of the house though- I forgot about a few things that I casually placed atop of the fridge. Whoops. Weird fireplace- do you notice anything peculiar about it? Let us know what you think. I need help decorating two HUGE areas above the fireplace (6ft tall 4ft wide 3 ft deep). Ansley-anyone, any ideas?

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Starting late in the game...

Being on time has never been one of my strong suits. Back in H.S. I was chronically late for first hour AP Bio... I really don't remember how that could have happened- I had early morning seminary before school. Hmm, I guess it is just another thing from High School that I am repressing. I am terminally 15 minutes behind my target time to get anywhere in life. My current excuse is baby Hayden's schedule. It is a horrible character flaw to be as self centered as I am and always be tardy- I hope to grow up and take charge before I turn... is 50 good for everyone? Baby steps right? Enough about the things I should probably have analyzed and go to counseling for-

My point-
I am once again two steps behind with this blogging thing!
I have recently seen some Amazing blogs done by people that are 10X as busy as I am! I have no excuse. I am now taking charge and archiving my deepest thoughts and feelings...NOT! Our blog will be a simple recap of the day or the week of events.
Q? Do other parents feel like I do? A day starting bright and early with the baby waking- a day's schedule packed with baseball practices- soccer games- grocery shopping- laundry for our 1,6,10,12 and 14 y/o -runny noses- butterfly kisses- cooking- a 12 month old that bites my knees for attention when I am trying to do the dishes, a husband who gets home- after having a life and career of his own- and owns as much of my attention as the munchkins
Do I feel Crazy, Complete, Overwhelmed, Appreciated, Young, Underpaid, Privileged, Lucky, Exhausted, Happy?
Sometimes all of those feelings- sometimes a select few.
I am looking forward to summer with the kids. Vacation with the family! I will be sad when school starts again and we aren't plotting our next adventure. Sometimes I am sad that everyone else in the world doesn't have a family just like mine- In short,
I love my life.
I love my Family.
I love our friends far and near.
I hope to keep you updated on our cute and crazy kids. I hope to keep you posted on;

-How, after 26 years of school, Doug is handling the real world.
-What Hunter is up to with soccer, basketball, track, school, and YW's,
-How Cole is doing with Baseball, Basketball, Soccer and random comments about "bulking up"
-Rachie with her robo Hamsters, Writing books, and Basketball
-Jordan with Soccer, Reading, and Cheer leading/gymnastics
-Hayden in his quest to conquer the baby gate so he can peak the 20 stair spiral staircase in the Foyer.
We will post soon-
Keep posting-