Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long time no Blog!
My biggest excuse is..FB
For those of you not familiar with the great FB it is Facebook. The thing really sucks you in! The story on Facebook and me...I signed up for it last year sometime- I had an invite from our old neighbor Marcell, I signed up- All you do is add your birth date, name, hometown, and where you currently live. I didn't think much about it. Truthfully I thought it was like more like myspace- for the 16-15 year old's. Recently I was talking with my mother and she mentioned something about my brother posting some pictures that my sister liked. Bell goes off in my head- My siblings have an account on FB. I need to check their pages out. I logged onto my account I had over 300 friends that had requested to be added as friends... Wha? For those of you wondering how the heck I could not know that- I have a crap email account that I sign up for everything with- So my 'real' email doesn't get cluttered. I went through the names and was amazed- People from as far back as 3rd grade- People and friends from High school, old neighbors, missionaries from my ward when I was in HS, old church leaders, old boyfriends, roommates from college, our German exchange student, friends from abroad. I seriously never believed I would see hide or hair of many of these people for the rest of my life. Some (that I hit the ignore with) I never wanted to see again. I have received many friendship requests over the past few months with attached messages- Some saying things like ' I know you probably don't remember me- but when we were 16 I was the convenient store by the beach and you were with... you sat by me...." Really? Do people really think that -if you most likely have no recollection of who they are- didn't know their names, you want to waste time on the computer talking/ catching up with them? Baffles me. I guess I just don't like to open our book of life for just anyone. Who is to say who these people really are? But on the flip side I have caught up with some great people. I have been amazed at the amount of friends from throughout our life that have done so many wonderful things for the world. We are talking humanitarian missions, adoption of children from all over the world, Political analysts, campaign coordinators- Doctors, lawyers, pilots, Newscasters, Musicians, Artists, Published Authors- I have always known that I walk among giants. I am also floored how many of my friend have turned to the democratic party since Bush... I guess it is the Illinois upbringing and the fact that many of them still live in Chicago- that's all I got- other than Guantanamo style brainwashing there is no intelligent reason for the change of party-
I am amazed at the random things people post on FB- Conversations I really don't want to see or be part of- I occasionally post comments to friends referring to their comments. I have posted pictures of our family- the biggest response from friends that haven't seen me for the past 20 years is- Holy Crap- you have 5 children- How are you not crazy- Or you look great for having 5 children- That comment always makes me smile. What are mothers of 5 supposed to look like- Hair knotted, dirty apron on, huge circles under your eyes, no makeup, mom jeans? Really? C'mon now. I wouldn't post those pictures- Ha.
Oh well- Even the lame things of FB suck you in. I really get nervous when people try to 'chat' with me ...I don't respond...I haven't any idea what to say to them other than 'Whats Up' and 'wow that's great'.
Closing the book on FB chapter...
Life has been busy. Hunter just turned 15! I can't believe my baby is 15, HS soccer is in off season, Shw now has Rec soccer again, Cole is playing with his newly created select Baseball team, Rachie has finished Basketball and is playing soccer again, Jordie is doing Gymnastics and writing a story a day, Hayden is climbing everything! He still isn't talking.
The other day a laugh track was obnoxiously playing with some Disney show- Hayden was standing a foot away from the television...each time the laugh track would begin he would follow suit and begin to laugh wildly- abruptly stopping when the track stopped- he would glance over his shoulder as if to acknowledge to us that he knew what was going on- why weren't we laughing with him? His insane actions caused us to laugh for obvious other reasons- entertaining child. Hayden can now open all the doors in the house... Scary.
As for me and Doug- Life is great. Still love and adore him. He has been golfing quite a bit. I bought him the Golf membership for Christmas. For those of you who don't know my Douggie, he gets wound up pretty tight at times. He doesn't explode, we don't fight but I can just tell by his whole demeanor when his cup is full. Golf and monthly massages have been quite therapeutic for him. He is getting a little time to himself outside work, family, and church- He deserves it.
- Then again don't we all?
Same ole me. I am still a slave to my toddler. I get kind of bitter about it occasionally, feeling stuck at home, limited by his schedule and the demands of being a mom BUT then again that is my job, I chose it, I love it (some days more than others), and I will be the best I can be at my job. BTW, I made Doug have a little surgical procedure after Hayden... I am looking forward to Haydens College years! 16 more years to go! This time there will be no recalculation of that number leading to an empty nest! Yeah Me! Although we recently went to a UT baseball game- The kids are convinced we should build an 'estate' with 2 guest homes on it- They then can go (25 minutes away) play ball for UT, glean the reward of their educational system AND still hang out and eat with the family. Ha- I keep telling them I need to record them saying that- who knows what tune they will be singing in a few years!
Here are some pictures of the last couple of months. We just went on a family vacation to Maui for Spring Break. Doug set us up in a great Suite. Amazing. We had a blast hanging out with Uncle Ben. The kids thought we were going to Breckenridge again- we surprised them by handing them the tickets to Maui in the Denver Airport. They hadn't been to Hawaii before- They were so surprised and excited.
Phew- well there is a novel for you-
Back to work!