Thursday, January 28, 2010

Command what you Demand

Okay I have to go there-

State of the Union last night-


Surprised I said that?

I am utterly amazed and in awe of the idiocy, self righteousness, and disillusionment our commander and Chief.

Just finished watching the DVR of the spectacle. I wanted to see it for myself before reading others feeling and comments. Cant wait to see if people got what I did out of it. I was hoping for him to change the tides with learned wisdom and insight into picking up the pieces of this mess rather than scattering them further away from reach.


It seems to me that the President of our great nation was on the defensive all night. Trying to convince the masses why he is holding onto disastrous ideas (mainly health care). Why and who (DUH it's always the darn Republicans) is to blame for his inability to make progress on any of his promises. Mr. President showed blatant disrespect for anything that wasn't his platform. He threw a few Supreme court Justices under the bus and publicly received (once again) discord at a public address- At least they didn't flat out call him a liar this time.

The press is going to go to town on this again. 'How disrespectful, How horrible and Wrong that Someone publicly disagree with our Puppet President- Whatever. He has done NOTHING to command any respect. He is going against the majority that elected him, playing the blame game, constantly referring to the garish tactics of the Republicans campaigning talking smack about the Flavor of the Election while his entire brigade participate fully (and still) with vigor and vim in the smack down.

I look how he carries himself. Tyring to be 'one of us' Trying to relate with the average man. Who wants that? We want someone that is respectful of others - someone that everyone will hold great respect towards.

Not happening.

He wears far too casual clothes in public and in the oval office. 'Disrespect to you and you family'. The Obama's seem far to involved in the celebrity of the office. The Oprah factor...I will bottle that disgust for now...They seem to want to be on the cover of People magazine or at Chicago's campaign for the Olympics with celebrity rather than working on relevant Foreign policy.

I saw Mr Obama's need to convince and explain last night as a need for the cheerleaders to bust out a cheer for him- 'O yes our eyes have been opened again- why o why did we loose sight of the great Mr. O's tunnel vision. Yes...o yes We walk in your light...Please lead us blindly down this mudslide...but wait it is okay, those darn Republicans provided the mudslide.

Once he begins acting with the Authority and Elegance that the President of the United States should exude, perhaps then those in the public forums will respect the forum and wait until they are out of ear or eye shot to disagree with the President during a speech.

-Talk of a 'Budget Commission'- joke-
He has spent more than any other president right off the starting blocks.

-His Lobbyist lecture..again-

The 'speech' wasn't inspiring or insightful. It seemed to be a lecture of a self righteous wanna be leader. Self Justification, a lack of passion and grace were evident in this spectacle. I was not proud of my elected officials after watching this. MR. O's choices of battle seem to be incoherent, unpopular, and economically devastating.

On the plus side of the speech-

-a minute nod towards capital gain decrease for small businesses,- passionless baby steps by the government in the right direction

-an utterance that opened the door for off shore drilling and clean Nuclear Power Plants in the US.

And Michelle Obama wore sleeves!