Friday, September 11, 2009

Swiss Miss-
I was able to go to Swiss Days in Midway Utah last week. What a blast. Too be (or act) young (childish) again! I really dont think I have laughed (giggled) soo much in years. I few out with 4 close friends from Texas on Wednesday- We stayed until Monday Morning. It has been awhile since I got to hang out in SLC area. One word- Beautiful. I still dont want to live there- but would absolutely love to have a second home there for breaks with the family.
Cathy was the coordinating force behind the festivities,
She is a dooer-
She booked the flights
She arranged the itinerary for the week
She coordinated with her family and friends
She essentially made it happen for all of us.
Yay Cathy!
We hit her favorite haunts from her days in the hood- We got to meet her family- LOVE them! We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning talking and giggling. On the first night I think Michelle and I were the last to get to sleep- Actually Michelle was the last to get to sleep. I kept on telling her I was going to sleep- literally. I found myself in the middle of a sentence that made no sense at all, more than once- talk of a monkey and putting our shoes by the door... What do you do with that? Since there is no logical recovery from that babble- I would just wake myself up again and giggle again...
Simple me.
We shopped until our wallets felt light- Trolley Square- Tai Pan (?) Rod Works, Material Girl (amazingly cute quilt shop), Swiss Days, Shade, Brighton, ahhh
We ate until my friends size 2 pants were nearly tight... no comment here-
Cafe Rio, Lori's Livingston Lodge, Spaghetti Factory, Swiss Tacos, Pei Wei, Diane's Bed and Breakfast..
We got to go to Sally Smarts house- Tami's mom. She made everyone feel welcome and loved.
Went to see the new Sandra Bullock movie- Best part of it was...looking at the lovely Bradley Cooper- DONT GO SEE IT- The only reason we had fun at it was the fact that we were together... It Really SUCKED.
We ended the week in SLC- We saw the Spoken Word at the Tabernacle on Sunday morning. God Be With You gets me every time- Humbles me. We were able to go with Tami to see her MIL. She is in a care facility. She can barely move, doesn't communicate with people. She is still young- She was diagnosed in her early 50's. She is only in her 60's, she looks as if she is 80. To watch Tami hold her close and talk to her so honestly and gentle- Tami kept kissing her cheek. FINALLY Joyce (Tami's MIL) gave her a simple kiss and squeezed her hand. Although she seem to be a shell of what she once was- She is loved- The care facility specialized in Brain injury- It was heart breaking. We had a patient of about 70 in full flirt mode- Yet he prefaced everything he said with..."I was married, my wife was beautiful. She died." You could see he still remember how much he loved her at one time. By the time we walked out the door to leave- we were in tears. The power of love. We have decided to find a home to visit and adopt a patient to visit and get to know.
Sunday was a family Dinner at Cathy's moms house. Now when I say family I mean the ENTIRE family! 43 people were there. She cooked and cared for EVERYONE. A highlight was everyone watching Americas funnies Home Videos - There was a roar of laughter- Too much fun for on Sunday.
We had fun with Photography- Will post pictures as soon as some are forwarded my way.
After all the fun I was so happy to get back to the sweltering heat of Texas and my amazing family. I missed them so much. The messes Hayden Makes- not so much- but everything else.
Welcomed in the drive way with a kiss from my love- A big hug!
Home Sweet Home!
But excited to do this again next year!