Thursday, May 6, 2010

lil' H

I have come to the conclusion we have a thug for a 2 year old. He likes a heavy beat to dance to, He loves to pack heat around the house- Laser gun- I'm talking tilting it to the side for the 'Kill shot'. Before he starts dancing he likes to say 'o yeah' quite comical. Very entertaining.
A few weeks ago we DVR'ed the movie Hitch beginning at the part where the chubby guy in the movie shows Will Smith his moves. In the movie He named his moves 1) Start the Fire, 2)Make the Pizza 3) qtip 4)throw it away and the best of all 5) and if it doesn't work you hit her with a little of this...He finishes his set of moves with a solid' o no- you cant stop this, cant stop this....' Hayden say each of those things before he proceeds to dance like a thug. I am going to tape it and put it in You tube. We cry because we laugh so hard each time he does it- too cute - the white baby can dance!

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Jennie said...

Can't wait to see that video!